• Board notice update
    Aug 10 2022

    The KDPL Board wish to advise that Richard Pearce departed as an Independent Director of KNAC subsidiary companies on 9 August 2022. The Board wish to thank Richard for his contribution and service as a Director of KDPL Companies.

    We also advise that KDPL Member Director Linda Parker has now been appointed to the Karlka Land Enterprises and Karlka Recruiting Group Boards; and KDPL Independent Director Tony Adcock has now been appointed to the Karlka FenceWright Boards.

  • Departure of Tony Usher
    Jul 25 2022

    This is a short note to advise that Anthony Usher has resigned from Karlka Developments Pty Ltd (KDPL) effective 12 July 2022. We thank him for his contribution as Acting Chief Executive Officer and an Independent Director of KDPL.

    Notably, Anthony stepped up as Acting Chief Executive Officer to provide important and effective leadership to KDPL and its entities during a period of instability. This stabilisation has assisted KDPL in now moving forward with greater optimism and possibility.

    We thank him for this work and wish him all the best for the future.

  • Karlka Recruiting Group Wins Sourcr Award 2022
    Jul 20 2022

    We are excited to announce Karlka Recruiting Group’s Recruitment Director, Laetitia Nicholson, has won the Sourcr Award for the Best Government (Queensland) Recruiter in 2022. Our organisation is honoured to receive this award.

    The Sourcr Recruiter of the Year Awards recognise and celebrate the best talent in the industry who have gone above and beyond to deliver for their clients and candidates.

    “Our goals at Karlka Recruiting Group have always been to bring together the Indigenous-to-Non-Indigenous network by providing national recruitment solutions, supporting local jobs, promoting diversity and equality, and making a real difference nationwide in organisations, and this award is recognition of all the hard work put in achieve our goals,” said Laetitia.

    The recruitment industry continues to play a critical role in aiding the economic recovery of Australia as it returns to its new normal. Those who win a Sourcr Award are a part of a group raising the standard for the industry. 

    Operating since 2014 Karlka Recruiting Group (KRG), a joint venture in recruitment and labour hire with Nyiyaparli Traditional Owners, started as a blue-collar labour-hire business. KRG have become a Public Service Specialist, with a pool of white-collar contractors, following the launch of the Indigenous Procurement Policy in 2015.

    Karlka Recruiting Group is 51% Indigenous owned, as Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation a not-for-profit organisation has a 51% stake in this successful joint venture.

    “Our organisation works with government and corporate clients to promote the integral role we play in increasing the rate of Indigenous employment and retention, as we recognise closing the gap in Indigenous unemployment requires a partnership approach with government, industry and client,” said Laetitia.

    At KRG we provide white collar candidates to federal and state government clients on labour-hire basis, payroll services to pre-identified candidates, transparency and respect to clients and candidates, a smooth onboarding process, and personalised care.

    We are proud to currently have over 500 candidates, on our books, across Australia working as labour-hire in federal and state government departments.

    Karlka Recruiting Group services are provided Australia wide, mainly around capital cities, with a particular focus in ACT, New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. KRG recruits white collar candidates, in particular public servants between the APS3-EL2 levels across federal government, and public servants for NSW and QLD state governments.

    Our organisation will continue to hold ourselves to high quality service and relationships, to build an effective connection between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities and businesses, to create lasting economic and social change.

    Laetitia Nicholson KRG

  • Recent Changes at Karlka Development Pty Ltd (KDPL)
    Jun 29 2022

    Over the last week there have been a series of changes at Karlka Development Pty Ltd (KDPL).

    Following the departure of John Valuri, KNAC CEO Cate Ballantyne was appointed as the KDPL CEO contact while the next steps are determined. During this time we will maintain a business as usual approach and commitment to all current operations and obligations. There have also been changes to the KDPL Board of Directors in accordance with their constitution. This included addressing the fact that the term of KDPL Directors is 3 years which is the same as KNAC Directors. So the updated KDPL Board of Directors from 23 June 2022 is:

    Linda Parker (appointed 2022)

    Chrstine Stone (appointed 2021)

    Richard Pearce (appointed 2021)

    Tony Adcock (appointed 2022)

    The KNAC Board has thanked Natalie Parker and Tanya Drage for many years of service as KDPL Directors, confirming that this change was due to the constitutional requirements and not performance. During this time KDPL which is 100% owned by KNAC, has developed a structure that now includes Karlka Land Enterprises (including Karlka FenceWright- 100% owned), Karlka Workforce Services (including Karlka Recruiting Group- 51% owned) and Karlka Facilities Management (including Sodexo and ISS Joint Ventures- both 50% owned).

    The KDPL Board are meeting this week and look forward to continuing to work with KNAC and with KD business and stakeholders for the benefit of Nyiyaparli people. This will include sharing information about KDPL activities, successes and opportunities- especially those that align to KNAC’s agreements and strategic plan. More good news to come!

  • Change of CEO contact at Karlka Developments Pty Ltd
    Jun 29 2022

    I am writing on behalf of the Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (KNAC) Board to advise that on 21 June 2022 Mr John Valuri ceased working for Karlka Developments Pty Ltd (KDPL). Subsequently KNAC CEO Cate Ballantyne will now act as the KDPL CEO contact whilst the path forward is determined.

    As you would be aware, KNAC is the parent company and 100% shareholder of KDPL and I wish to reiterate our ongoing commitment to the current operations and commitments of KDPL. In other words, we recognise that there have been some significant and overdue improvements at KDPL of late and we intend to support a "business as usual" approach.

    Additionally I can confirm our intention to maintain clear and consistent communication with you as we move forward. As such, please feel free to provide Cate with the most appropriate contact details to do so, and please do not hesitate to reach out directly to her at or on 0477 641124.

    Leonard Michael Stream

    Vice Chairperson

    Board of Directors

    Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

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