About us

Karlka Developments is a 100% Aboriginal-owned company. It is the business arm of Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation and it is also holding company to a few other subsidiary companies, such as FenceWright, Karlka Facilities Management Pty. Ltd. and Karlka Recruiting Group (KRG).

Karlka Developments was created in 2012 with the purpose of generating reliable income for the future generations of Nyiyaparli people, away from the mining royalties and the group’s current sources of income.

In the few years that the business has been operating for, Karlka Developments has managed to create a solid reputation. We are proud to be recognised for our achievements, but we strive to continue improving in the years to come.

It is also our goal to play an active role in the improvement of many social issues and aspects Nyiyaparli people face by creating employment opportunities and generating social outcomes which will have a direct positive effect in improving the lives of our people.

Karlka Developments is managed by a Board of two Nyiyaparli Directors (including the Chair) and one Independent Director who meet regularly to set the policy and strategy in additional to their Director decision making roles. There is also a small team of KD employees based in Perth and Port Hedland.

Our Team

  • Linda Parker
  • Tony Adcock
  • Christina Stone
  • Cate Ballantyne
    CEO contact
  • John Cross
    Stakeholder Relationship Manager
  • Dushyant Gahlaut
    Independent Financial Advisor

Important information