Nyiyaparli People

Occupation of Nyiyaparli land by its traditional owners can be verified to at least 41,000 years, being the second oldest on record in Australia.

The Nyiyaparli People are the Traditional Owners of approximately 36,684 square kilometres of land and waters in the east Pilbara region, including the township of Newman, Western Australia.

The Nyiyaparli symbol reflects the leadership and strength of Nyiyaparli people in commerce, connection and cultural values held over 40,000 years.

It communicates a collective meaning about Nyiyaparli people; this is me, my people, my country.

The logo is a contemporary interpretation of the arm and head bands worn by Nyiyaparli together with the main body painting. The contemporary aspect reflects the intersection of Nyiyaparli history and stories with today’s aspirations to lead community, culture and commerce into new directions for future generations.

Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation is the Local Aboriginal Corporation (LAC) for the Nyiyaparli People, and is the agent for agreements with BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, FMG, Roy Hill and many other companies. Its role includes the development of social, economic, health and educational programs to improve the lives of Nyiyaparli People and the protection and maintenance of Lore, Culture, Country and Native Title Traditions and customs.