Recent Changes at Karlka Development Pty Ltd (KDPL)

Jun 29 2022

Over the last week there have been a series of changes at Karlka Development Pty Ltd (KDPL).

Following the departure of John Valuri, KNAC CEO Cate Ballantyne was appointed as the KDPL CEO contact while the next steps are determined. During this time we will maintain a business as usual approach and commitment to all current operations and obligations. There have also been changes to the KDPL Board of Directors in accordance with their constitution. This included addressing the fact that the term of KDPL Directors is 3 years which is the same as KNAC Directors. So the updated KDPL Board of Directors from 23 June 2022 is:

Linda Parker (appointed 2022)

Chrstine Stone (appointed 2021)

Richard Pearce (appointed 2021)

Tony Adcock (appointed 2022)

The KNAC Board has thanked Natalie Parker and Tanya Drage for many years of service as KDPL Directors, confirming that this change was due to the constitutional requirements and not performance. During this time KDPL which is 100% owned by KNAC, has developed a structure that now includes Karlka Land Enterprises (including Karlka FenceWright- 100% owned), Karlka Workforce Services (including Karlka Recruiting Group- 51% owned) and Karlka Facilities Management (including Sodexo and ISS Joint Ventures- both 50% owned).

The KDPL Board are meeting this week and look forward to continuing to work with KNAC and with KD business and stakeholders for the benefit of Nyiyaparli people. This will include sharing information about KDPL activities, successes and opportunities- especially those that align to KNAC’s agreements and strategic plan. More good news to come!

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