Karlka FenceWright celebrates multi-million dollar fencing contract

May 24 2022

BHP Asset President WA Iron Ore Mr Brandon Craig announced BHP will more than double its spend with Indigenous venders in next two financial years at an event with the Nyiyaparli people in Newman, celebrating the signing of a $9.2 million contract with Karlka FenceWright – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation (KNAC).

As reported in Business News the Karlka FenceWright contract will see five kilometres of fencing panels fabricated locally and installed across BHP’s six residential villages around Newman.

Up to 80 people will be employed on the fencing project and Karlka is seeking to employ Indigenous people in at least 15 per cent of those roles. Many of the fencing panels will feature the work of Traditional Owner, senior Nyiyaparli elder and artist Victor Parker. The fencing upgrade is part of a $300m security upgrade project across all BHP WAIO camps.

“Our partnership with Karlka FenceWright and the Nyiyaparli people, which we are celebrating today, is just one of many wonderful partnerships that we hope to build upon into the future,” said Mr Craig.


“Contracts like this support the growth of Indigenous enterprise and innovation and create new opportunities for those businesses to support their own communities – something Indigenous business does best,” he added.


group plus fence

Karlka Developments’  acting CEO Mr Tony Usher thanked the entire team at Karlka FenceWright for the tireless work involved in getting the project to this point.

“We are very proud and honoured to announce the $9.2m fencing contract Awarded to us by BHP Projects.  Special mention and thank you to local Nyiyaparli Elder and Artist, Victor Parker, for the stunning design works used on the fencing panels that will be installed across the project in the townsite of Newman,” he said.

“The project provides us with a great opportunity to employ some of our Local Nyiyaparli Members to work on country throughout the execution phase of what is a very exciting project,” Mr Usher said.


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